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You can create an intense orgasm like no other!



Do you know that if you can increase your semen volume during sex, you can experience a large and intense male orgasm like no other. Why? When you increase the amount of your ejaculate, the pleasurable pulsating feelings you experience during a climax last longer; thus increasing your orgasmic pleasure. This extended pumping and pulsating will also drive your woman to reach greater sexual satisfaction.

On the other hand, the men are not able to get their spouse pregnant and are having issues with fertility - low sperm count or low sperm movement in particular is the root cause of the problem. Increasing the cum volume of your ejaculate also improves your overall virility by increasing your sperm count. When trying to have a child, the more sperm that you can offer during fertilization, the better your chances for success.

Many men find that producing a large volume of semen during sexual intercourse makes them seem more "manly" in the eyes of their partners. As a result, many men find significant pleasure (and a big ego boost) when they are able to prove to their partners that they have a large ejaculate volume. 

You can improve your sexual function by increase cum amount and boost sperm production. Some effective solutions may range from a simple lifestyle change, a healthy diet or some natural medications.


Read on to find out more about these recommended techniques. Whether it’s about enhanced sexual performance or to improve chances of conception, it’s never too late start. Follow these easy steps to increase your cum and improve your quality of life!

Stay away from bad habits. Remember it’s not only your sperm count that is the deciding factor affecting your ability to reproduce; sperm health, viability and motility are important factors as well.

Minimizing alcohol consumption and giving up smoking and exercise regularly will promote your good health and improve your chances to increase cum amount and sperm quality.

Simple things like wearing looser clothing can lower the temperature around your testes, as heat is one thing that is well known to slow down sperm production.


Studies show that junk foods impair production of healthy sperm. Eat as much natural foods as you can. Choose to include foods high in protein, vitamins and low in fat in your daily diet.

Some foods, widely popular in promoting general sexual health, are celery and oysters. Oysters are effective in increasing a man's libido and are especially helpful in improving stamina during sex. This is particularly important when a man and his partner are trying to achieve successful conception.


Celery is another type of food with special nutrients needed to increase semen volume and improve sperm quality. Present in celery are odor-free hormones that can also stimulate sexual desire in both men and women.

Medical professionals continuously research and formulate different products that offer to help men enhance their sexual lives.

The good news is there is one proprietary blend of high quality natural ingredients health supplement to ensure that your body gets the nutrients it needs to enhance male virility and increase ejaculate volume.


It has been formulated to provide a potent blend for maximum effectiveness to support the healthy production of male sex hormones with no reported side effects, and can help men boost their semen volume in as much as 500%!

To increase the amount of your ejaculation, improve your chances for conception or recover faster between orgasms.

They are endorsed by most medical professionals as a healthy supplement to boost your ejaculate volume. It is manufactured to the highest standards for maximum effectiveness.


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