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Investors around the world buy and sell currency in the belief that it will increase in value against another currency. Due to the evolution of internet and computer technology, average person can trade forex, 24 hours a day. Trading in the Forex market is becoming a popular option for people looking for an alternate source of income. However, the most important is to find out which FOREX trading software you should use to maximize your Forex trading profit.



Forex Trading Program that Maximize your Forex trading Profit and Lower Trading risk.


FAP Turbo is an intelligence automatic Forex trading program that run completely on auto pilot, the program is innovative and simple to use. In a volatile market, fast response time can make the difference between many wining trades or a loss. This is where automated trading comes in. The application ensure that every opportunity is identified and automatically handled. Which is a great advantage, especially for those who do not have enough time to focus on the Forex market on a daily basis.

To successfully trade in the Forex market takes many years of study, thorough understanding of technical indicators, moving average crossovers, Fibonacci sequences, you must be able to trade without emotion. FAP Turbo takes care of all of this for you 24 hours a day.


How does this forex trading software work?

FAP Turbo works in any country of the world, it doesn't matter if you live in US, UK, Spain, Germany, France or any other country. It's completely international.

The FAP Turbo is a forex trading robots which is designed to work with the Metatrader4 trading platform. Until recently, expert advisors (EA) were only available to corporate forex traders and until the last few years were out of reach for anyone but the most dedicated professional traders.

Without any human intervention, the program is able to make calculated trading decisions any time of the day, all year long. It use an advanced trading algorithms, the program will study the market trends for you and when it sees a potentially profitable trade it will make that trade on your behalf.

After you make the decision to sign up this powerful automated Forex trading program, you are given immediate access to your FAP Turbo’s member area. There are few steps you need to take to get the system up and running. To set up various accounts, optional extras and to set up a brokerage.

The FAP Turbo program can be installed in few minutes after download. The informative video tutorials will guide you through every step of the installation and setup. Should you have any question there is the support telephone hotline guiding you all along the way!

You have the option of not using your computer at all, you can host the software on the FAP Turbo dedicated server, so that you can turn off your computer without turning off the FAP Turbo software. You have full control over FAP Turbo as if it were on your computer!

You can set up a demo account (recommend) so that you can start to practice trading in live market conditions without investing real money, to see how well the system works. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, return it for a full refund!


What Fap Turbo does well?

FAP Turbo is a powerful combination of 2 strategies:

Short Term Scalping Strategy
Long Term Advanced FAP strategy

The long term and short term strategies of Fap Turbo have a success rate of 96%, both strategies are built into FAP Turbo.

Each strategy uses its own designed timeframe and currencies. Only one strategy can work on one Chart at the same time but you can open several charts to run different strategies within one trading account.

Long Term Advanced FAP strategy:

The long term trading strategy is an improved version of Forex Autopilot. Fap Turbo developers were given permission to modify the Forex Autopilot. FAP Turbo is a system that is much safer and more profitable than the original Forex Autopilot. A fixed stop loss strategy was implemented to limit drawdown, bigger profits are taken from winning trades and a variety of filters and indicators were added to avoid trading during risky periods.

Short Term Scalping Strategy:

FAP Turbo uses a scalping technique that trades 4 of the main currency pairs in the 15 minute time frame, it performs only 1 to 5 trades every day with very strict money management. The short term strategy has a lot of intelligence built in and various filters are used to ensure that only the best trades are selected under certain criteria.

Here are the advantages of FAP Turbo …

The “Short Term Scalping Strategy” works extremely well for EURGBP and EURCHF.

The EA variables are adjustable for the most seasoned trader to make FAP Turbo better and stronger! You can join the weekly in-depth mentoring sessions. The developers will give you updated tricks and tips which will ensure you gain a deeper understanding of FAP Turbo. It come with 60-day Money Back Guarantee. 

The developers release updates regularly to make sure FAP TURBO is always up to date to accommodate modern market conditions. All updates are FREE for members!

Fap Turbo offers solutions to problems that exist with Forex trading. The most common problems are that no stop losses are implemented and risky trading strategies are used.

After extensive back testing the Fap Turbo, results are incredible. Over the past 9 years Fap Turbo has placed.

9,645 Total Trades
96% Winners
5,000% NET Profit
0.35% Drawdown


What's included in Fap Turbo Package?

The product consists of the main software plus the following main components:

1.   The Short Term Trading Strategy

2.   The Long Term Trading Strategy   

3.   Documentation and Training

4.   Member Forum  

5.   Customer Support


Fap Turbo was launched on 2008 and thousands of copies were sold on the very first day. Why? The answer is it work.

FAP Turbo are putting their money running live trading and publishing the results directly to their website. All accounts are running at a profit. FAP Turbo will give you the financial freedom and the time to spend with your love one.


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