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Over the past couple of years, forex trading has become one of the ways for making profits online. But to earn your incomes trading, it requires effort and extensive study to realize your dream of trading success much faster.

If you want to learn how to trade like some of the highest paid professional trader on earth, please read on...

Who is Gemini Code Creator Vladimir Ribakov? 

Vladimir is a former hedge fund manager with an extensive track record, who spends his days studying the latest global economic news, trading and fine tuning his trading methods.  

Vladimir Ribakov has put all of his expertise and knowledge together in order to create this system.


The Gemini Code program include physical product that will be ship to you, let’s look at what’s included:


You will receive the complete Forex Gemini Code - delivered by courier right to your front door.   

It includes 6 DVDs that cover every aspect of the system. If you are a complete beginner, it even cover the basics of trading Forex in an easy-to-understand manner.  

You will also receive a fully illustrated trading manual that walks you through trading the system, step-by-step. Also included is a set of cheat sheets for fast and easy reference.


DVD 1: Basic Trading Concepts

 1. What Is Forex

 2. What Makes Forex Great

 3. When To Trade

 4. Trading Forex

 5. Margin Pips And Lots

 6. Order Types

 7. Psychology

 8. Risk And Money Management

 9. Common Mistakes

 10. Types Of Analyses

 11. Trend Lines

 12. Forex Dictionary


This DVD contains everything that someone new to Forex trading needs to know. It is one of the best courses on Forex trading for beginner. Even experienced traders may want to watch this DVD as a refresher course.  


DVD 2: Trading Tools

 1. MT4 Basics

 2. MT4 Tricks And Tips

 3. Define The Trader In You

 4. Value Your Risk

 5. Build A Trading Plan

 6. Chart Types

 7. Candle Sticks History

 8. Candle Sticks Psychology

 9. Trend Lines In Trend Trading

 10. What Live Trades Look Like


This DVD introduces you to an important tool for all Forex traders: The Metatrader 4 Platform. It include some very useful tips for getting the most out of it.  

It will walk you through building a trading plan and explain why that is so important.


DVD 3: Component Rules

 1. Candle Stick Patterns

 2. False Breaks

 3. Trend Lines & False Breaks Combination

 4. Forex Gemini Trading Idea

 5. Forex Gemini Trading Scanner

 6. Forex Gemini Dashboard

 7. Forex Gemini Meter

 8. MACD

 9. Loading The Chart Template

 10. Conservative Buy Entry Rules - Trend Trading

 11. Conservative Sell Entry Rules - Trend Trading

 12. Conservative Buy Entry Rules - False Break

 13. Conservative Sell Entry Rules - False Break

 14. Conservative Buy Entry Rules - Regular Gemini

 15. Conservative Sell Entry Rules - Regular Gemini

 16. Aggressive Buy Entry Rules - Trend Trading

 17. Aggressive Sell Entry Rules - Trend Trading

 18. Aggressive Buy Entry Rules - False Break

 19. Aggressive Sell Entry Rules - False Break

 20. Summary of System Rules


One of the biggest factor why someone often lose money is because they don't follow the system rules.  

Often times it is not their fault. The rules were not explained clearly or thoroughly enough.  

It teach you the rules for every possible setup in an easy to understand, and thorough manner.


DVD 4: Example Trades

 1. Conservative Buy Example 1

 2. Conservative Buy Example 2

 3. Conservative Buy Example 3

 4. Conservative Buy Example 4

 5. Conservative Buy Example 5

 6. Conservative Sell Example 1

 7. Conservative Sell Example 2

 8. Conservative Sell Example 3

 9. Conservative Sell Example 4

 10. Conservative Sell Example 5

 11. Aggressive Buy Example 1

 12. Aggressive Buy Example 2

 13. Aggressive Buy Example 3

 14. Aggressive Buy Example 4

 15. Aggressive Buy Example 5

 16. Aggressive Sell Example 1

 17. Aggressive Sell Example 2

 18. Aggressive Sell Example 3

 19. Aggressive Sell Example 4

 20. Aggressive Sell Example 5


You can retain knowledge and learn better when you can see things actually taking place.

It have included example trades for every type of trade, so you can actually see each move as it takes place.


DVD 5: Live Trades

 1. Conservative Example Buy

 2. Conservative Buy GBPUSD - Trend

 3. Conservative Buy USDCAD - False Break

 4. Conservative Buy USDCAD - Trend

 5. Conservative Buy USDCAD - Trend2

 6. Aggressive Example Buy

 7. Aggressive Buy AUDCAD – Trend

 8. Aggressive Buy Oil - False Break

 9. Aggressive Buy GBPAUD - False Break

 10. Aggressive Buy USDCAD – Trend

 11. Aggressive Example Sell

 12. Aggressive Sell EURUSD – Trend

 13. Aggressive Sell EURGBP – Trend

 14. Aggressive Sell GBPAUD - False Break

 15. Aggressive Sell NZDUSD - False Break

 16. Aggressive Sell NZDUSD – Trend


Here you watch the live trade. These are real trades, it is like watching over the trader shoulder as they trade the system. Over and over.  


DVD 6: Webinar

On this DVD, it bring everything together during an actual live-recorded webinar.  

This will help strengthen your understanding of how to trade the system, and what you should be looking for when trading in Forex.



Trading Manual  

Everything you need to know about how to trade the system is covered in this handy guide. It is complete with full-color diagrams, so that you can visually see how to trade the system.  

Every detail of profitably trading the system is carefully mapped out in this fully illustrated manual.  

Each one of the custom-designed indicators for the system is fully explained in detail. 


The Cheat Sheets   

These five cheat sheets make trading the Forex Gemini even easier, that is because they will tell you at a glance whether a setup is a trade you should take or not. So you don’t need to rely on your memory or go through the manual again.


The Forex Gemini Code Room   

The Forex Gemini Code Room private members' area is where you will learn the real secrets used by hedge funds to reap financial gains.

And also you get direct unlimited access to... 

  •   Exclusive Trading Reports 

  •   Vladimir Personal Trading Blog 

  •   A Fully Interactive Trading Forum 

  •   New Trading Software & Upgrades 

  •   Trading Videos & More... 

  •   Live Weekly Webinars

Any questions or problems you may have can be post at the private members' area and get immediate answer. 

Vladimir will also holding frequent webinars to give you the latest market updates which will ultimately help you in the process of making the most successful forex trading decisions.  


At this point, you may be asking what if I purchase this and it doesn’t work for me? 

Gemini Code come with a 60 day no questions asked unconditional money back guarantee. If you decide it’s not for you, you will get every dollar back.

Click here to learn and have more knowledge on how to make money trading with Forex Gemini Code.



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